Raku Itsushima
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Also Known As Raku the Loser
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Pink
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Active
Species Human
Planet Earth
School Kyuren Private Boys' High
Class 1-B
Weapons Boost Suit
Boost Suit Type Defense
Occupation Student
Affiliation Guren Five
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Just winning and losing is boring. Being able to win while enforcing your will is where it's at. As long as I don't let my will get bent, then I haven't lost.

—Raku to the students of Guren High, in Chapter 1

Raku Itsushima is the main protagonist of the manga series, Guren 5 and a freshman at Kyuren Private Boys' High . He has had a repuatation of being the loser of the school because he's never won a fight. When a mysterious girl, Harmony, come to school and asks the strongest to come to the roof, Raku finds himself in a huge mess as he, along with Fumito Tsukumo, a transfer student, suddenly have super powers and become heroes to protect Earth from aliens and monsters.

He's also now in a group called Guren Five that was formed by Harmony.


Super Mode

Raku's Boost Mode.

Raku has spikey medium length dirty blonde hair that reaches the back of his neck. Two parts of his hair, that look a little like cat ears, are black whilst everything else is blonde. He has pink eyes that matches the hoodie that he wears under his school blazer. His hands are wrapped in bandages and he's the shortest in the school. 

When he's in his 'Boost' mode, his clothes change into robes and sandals and on his left arm appears a band.


He's kind of cool.

Fumito talking about Raku, in Chapter 1

Raku's energetic and violent. He is also positive. He's also called 'cool' by Fumito.


Raku has never won a match against anyone before, hence his nickname 'Raku the Loser'.


Reaching the RooftopEdit

After the announcement of the strongest in the school, everyone rushed to the top. Raku, who was apparently the weakest because of his loss, reached to the rooftop because the others gave up after he punched one of the strongest students in the school. On the rooftop, Raku found himself facing Fumito, the transfer student but they never fought against each other. They actually fought together against a Gears.


  • Raku Hit

    Raku's Head of Defense.

    The Boost Suit
Raku's Boost Suit is used for defense. He's shown one of his attacks of defense by shielding himself with his head from a Gears.


  • Raku was designed by manga creator of Blood Lad, Yūki Kodama.


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