Guren 5 (Japanese: グレン5-ファイブ-, Hepburn: Guren Faibu, and meaning: Crimson Lotus Flower Five) is a shōnen manga series focusing around Raku Itsushima, a first year of Kyuren Private Boys' High who had been famous for losing in every match, and Guren Five which are made up of him and four other delinquents.


Raku arrives at his infamously known school to find that a girl challenged the students of Kyuren High to fight each other to prove the strongest, also bribing them with a 'reward'. He encounters a transfer student, Fumito Tsukumo, who's appearance showed as weak but when strength came, he was strong. With beating up a strong opponent, Raku cheered for his first ever win and ran straight to the rooftop and what lies ahead truly shocked him. He found the transfer student there already and what was even more shocking, a Gears land on the rooftop. After he and Fumito had completely destroyed the Gears with the Boost Suit the mysterious girl Harmony had given them, they questioned her. Her announcement of the two becoming heroes had shaken them off guard. 

Now they have to fight off the evil monsters and aliens that land on Earth.



Guren Five is written and illustrated by Kodaka Kazutaka. An issue of the project was released on July 16, 2013 by Media Factory's Comic Gene. It was to be said that it'd launch on September 14, 2013. 

The manga has been translated by Psylocke Scansand the first chapter was released on November 19, 2014.

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