Fumito Tsukumo
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Fumito Tsukumo
Also Known As
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Personal Info
Blood Type
Status Active
Species Human
Planet Earth
School Kyuren Private Boys' High
Class 1
Weapons Boost Suit
Boost Suit Type Attack
Occupation Transfer Student
Affiliation Guren Five
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
But man, I lucked out. To experience a fight this exciting on my first day...And...To be able to have a match against a cool guy like you...For the throne of the 'strongest' is just great.

—Fumito to Raku, in Chapter 1

Fumito Tsukumo is a protagonist of the manga series, Guren 5 and a transfer student of Kyuren Private Boys' High. On his first day of school, he was able to fight against many of the strongest students in the school. He met with Raku Itsushima too and found him a cool person.

As well as obtaining a reputation on his first day of Kyuren High, he's now a hero in a group called Guren Five formed by Harmony.


Fumito Boost Suit

Fumito's Boost Suit.

Fumito and medium length black hair. His hair style is a side fridge that nearly covers his right eye. He has purples eyes and is quite tall. He wears the ordinary school uniform and his purple headphones that hangs around his neck. 

In his boost suit, Fumito wears clothes that's simliar to Raku's, a japanese robe and his unique accessory, gloves. 


Fumito seems like a weak person with a kind personality but in truth, he's quite strong. 


Fumito's been to a school before transfering to Kyuren High, probably because of the delinquent rumors.


Transfering to Kyuren HighEdit

Fumito was quite excited to transfer to Kyuren Private Boys' High and he became happier after being able to fight a lot of the strong students there. He met Raku and found him very cool, even admitting it to him in person. On his first day there, he was suddenly dragged into becoming a 'hero' to kill the Gears. 


  • Fumito Punch

    Fumito's Powerful Punch.

    The Boost Suit
Fumito's Boost Suit is used for attack. He's shown his fist attack when finishing off the final blow on a Gears. 



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